2018 DODGE & JEEP Spring Clearance – Los Angeles, Huntington Beach, Cerritos, Costa Mesa CA – RAM & CHRYSLER SALE – 800.549.1084

At Champion Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, & Ram – serving Los Angeles, Downey, Cerritos, Costa Mesa, & Huntington Beach areas – our 2018 Spring Clearance event is going on now! Check out our website @ http://www.GoChampionDodge.com for our latest Dealer Specials. Get Massive Savings on the new 2018 Chrysler Pacifica, 300, Dodge Charger, Durango & Challenger, Ram 1500 & 2500, and the All new Jeep Grand Cherokee. You can get 0% APR with approved credit, on select vehicles. Don’t miss out on these special savings during our 2018 Spring Clearance Sales Event. Give us a call @ 1.800.549.1084 to find out more about this event!


2018 CHRYSLER 300 Commercial – Los Angeles, Cerritos, Downey, Costa Mesa CA – “Promotion” – 800.549.1084

The brand new commercial spot for the 2018 Chrysler 300 called, “Promotion” is here at Champion Chrysler Downey, where we serve the Los Angeles, Cerritos, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, & Long Beach California areas with some of the best deals around! If you are looking for a brand new Chrysler 300, we have some models that are completely ready for you to take on a test drive. After you’re done with that, you’ll see why its one of our classiest cars on our lot! Call us today @ 1.800.549.1084 to set up a test drive or visit our website @ http://www.GoChampionDodge.com – Our Prices won’t be beat! Nice ride, I don’t recall giving you a promotion? You didn’t. Well someones been embezzling from the company and its not Jenkins. Oh, a huge touch screen and Apple Car Play? Yeah, its loaded but after the great deal I got this starts at about the same price as Jenkins car, so its not me. Then who is it? Janice! The Chrysler 300s, it only looks like a million bucks!, Costa

2018 DODGE CHARGER & CHALLENGER – Los Angeles, Cerritos, Downey, Long Beach CA – Free Commercial – 800.549.1084

The brand new commercial “Free: Brotherhood of Muscle” is here at Champion Downey, where we serve the Los Angeles, Cerritos, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, & Long Beach California areas. We have a huge inventory of 2018 Dodge Challengers and Chargers, all ready to go at rock bottom pricing. The new Challenger and Charger are two of the most popular vehicles on our lot and we would love for you to come on down and take a test drive. Give us a call today @ 1.800.549.1084 and schedule one for yourself! We don’t run from our fears, we run with them. That’s what makes us legendary, that’s what makes us free! Welcome to the Brotherhood of Muscle. Domestic. Not Domesticated.,

2018 DODGE VEHICLES – Los Angeles, Cerritos, Downey CA – COMMERCIAL – NEW – 800.549.1084

Check out the 2018 Dodge Vehicles commercial “Chase a Wolf: Brotherhood of Muscle” right here at Champion Downey where we serve the Los Angeles, Cerritos, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, & Costa Mesa California areas. We have a massive inventory of brand new 2018 Dodge Vehicles including: The Charger, Challenger, Durango, & Journey at rock bottom pricing you won’t believe! Check us out @ http://www.GoChampionDodge.com for our entire Dodge Inventory as well as our weekly dealer specials giving you rebates and discounts on select models. When you chase a wolf he always leads you back to the den. That’s the brotherhood of muscle! Only dodge offers a family of AWD muscle cars! Give us a call today @ 1.800.549.1084 to set up a test drive in a brand new Dodge car or SUV of choice.