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2017 NEW CHRYSLER PACIFICA – Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Orange County CA – Flying Pigs COMMERCIAL – 800.549.1084

The New 2017 Chrysler Pacifica commercial “Flying Pigs” is here @ Champion Chrysler of Downey California! Check it out and then head over to our website @ http://www.GoChampionDodge.com for some of the latest special deals on NEW Chrysler Pacificas – serving the Orange County, Costa Mesa, & Huntington Beach California areas.
Introducing the all new Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid with 84 mpg, a 566 mile driving range, and 33 electric driving range. The unpresedented Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, you don’t see this kind of thing everyday. Imported from Detroit. Give us a call @ 1.800.549.1084 to set up a test drive now!

DODGE CHALLENGER DEMON “The Truth” – Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Long Beach CA – 800.549.1084

The brand new 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon commercial “The Truth is here! Check it out and head on over to http://GoChampionDodge.com for our entire inventory of Dodge Vehicles. We have some of the best savings and specials serving the Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Long Beach, & Orange County California areas.
We use words like honor, code, and loyalty. We use the words as the backbone of our life defending something – you use them as a punchline. We have neither the time or inclination to explain ourselves to a man who rises and sleeps under the very blanket of the freedom we provide and then questions the manner in which we provide it. We’d rather you just say Thank You and be on your way. You don’t wanna know the truth because deep down at places you don’t talk about it part of you wants us on that road! You need us on that road! You don’t want the truth – You can’t handle the truth! The 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, “The Fastest Car Ever”. Domestic not Domesticated. Give us a call @ 1.800.549.1084 to find out more about the arrival of the brand new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon! At Champion Downey, our prices won’t be beat!

NEW CHRYSLER PACIFICA HYBRID – Los Angeles, Cerritos, Downey CA – Special Deals – 800.549.1084

The New Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid “Inspired Technology” commercial is here at Champion Downey. Take a peek and then head on over to http://www.GoChampionDodge.com for our latest specials on the New Pacifica! We serve the Los Angeles, Cerritos, Downey, Huntington Beach, & Costa Mesa California areas with some of the best prices around!
Looking for a family van that can get the equivalent of 84MPG? Meet the ALL NEW Pacifica Hybrid. It’s a combination of advanced fuel saving technology and luxurious comfort. The Pacifica Hybrid is loaded with innovative features – like the tri paned panoramic sunroof, available premium ventilated seats, the most cargo space you’ll find in a comparable vehicle, and the best family entertainment system in its class! The All New Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid – Advanced Technology and Inspired Design. Make this the ultimate family vehicle! Give us a call @ 1.800.549.1084 to set up a test drive now! At Champion Downey, our prices won’t be beat!